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Success Stories

I came to Dr. Robin Koenig after a simple twist the wrong way caused me to have severe, debilitating back spasms. I’d never been to a chiropractor before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Koenig knew just the right questions to ask, and was able to explain so many things to me.
I never knew how many things could be caused from not being aligned properly. With regular visits, not only did she eliminate the back spasms, but many issues I’ve suffered with for years including lower back pain, leg numbness, and severe migraine headaches. I also now have better posture.
I highly recommend Dr. Koenig for all your chiropractic needs.

Dr. Koenig is always shows attention to detail she explains things in a way that I understand, you can tell she loves what she does and her patient compassion is awesome.

Dr. Koenig has dramatically improved the quality of my life and has shown me that Chiropractic care isnt just for back pain. I was going to have to have shoulder surgery with her guidance and direction with rehabilitation exercises that she taught me and the education she provided me on anti inflammatory diet I was able to avoid a very expensive shoulder surgery.

I was very skeptical of going to a chiropractor but felt like my medical physician wasnt helping only masking with pills, Dr. Koenig did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable and she always explained what she was doing and why. After only two adjustments my neck pain had decreased in half and after three weeks my neck pain was completely gone and I noticed I hadnt had a headache since I started seeing her.

Dr. Koenig has been amazing with my kids she makes them feel comfortable and worked with them on their terms (she played games with them). My son has had less ear infections and sleeps through the night now.They love the chiropractor and so do I.

I like the gentle comprehensive approach Dr. Tennesen takes. She has a unique skill for adjustment that provides a welcome relief. I have been to many different chiropractors, she’s gifted with the “X-factor” that cant be taught, its more like a gift.

Dr. Tennesen is the most effective chiropractor I have ever seen. She has improved my quality of life ten fold.

Dr. Tennesen began seeing my son that has autism and epilepsy several months back. Matthew is very picky on whom he lets touch him and often will not sit long enough for anyone to examine him. Dr. Tennesen is the most patient, caring and compassionate health care provider we have ever seen. She made sure that she took her time and built a relationship with him, made him comfortable and didn’t make false promises as to what she could do for him. She explained things to him even though he may or may not of understood, and for the first time in 19 years I felt like a doctor treated him as a person. His seizures have significantly decreased, he seems less agitated, sleeps better and really has overall better health. The community that Dr. Tennesen practices in is truly blessed to have such an amazing resource.

Both Doctor Tennesen and Dr. Koenig were confident and knowledgeable throughout the educational talk they provided for our company. They allowed us to ask questions as they came up and used good examples when appropriate. Everyone could tell they are passionate and love what they do and you can also tell they take a vested interest in their patients health and quality of life.